Faced With Love - Biography

My interest in and passion for the art of makeup has grown rapidly over the past few years as I have studied it independently. As a result, I decided to pursue makeup artistry at a professional level. I've attended seminars and classes facilitated by professional, veteran makeup artists to learn technique and improve upon my skills. 


On any given day you can find me wearing little to no makeup.  I did not grow up with a love for makeup and honestly, I refused to even wear any makeup to my high school senior prom.  During much time and reflection on this journey to professionalism, I’ve realized that my negative perception of makeup was rooted on the fact that most people I knew felt that makeup was for only for people who needed it to “look better.”  I’ve come to learn that there’s much more to makeup than some archaic idea that women only wear makeup to conceal their facial flaws. 


I respect the fact that not everyone has the same love for makeup as me.  I understand that the average person may consider wearing makeup only for a special occasion.  My goal is to work with the average person to help create a natural yet enhanced makeup look.  I am available to service all special occasion needs and more.  In addition, I am available for those enthusiasts who desire a more dramatic look.  I promise that you will look and feel your best regardless of how much makeup is used.


Whether or not we are wearing makeup, when we look in the mirror we should be Faced With Love.

Jennifer Herbert | Owner & Makeup Artist